Cove on Castro

On a recent trip to San Fransico, a friend of mine who is  a regular at The Cove brought me for a weekday lunch. It’s a no frills, neighborhood diner where the waitstaff is friendly and makes you feel like you’ve been there before. There is a huge menu with  lot of selection, which personally confused me. So I did what any confused diner does – I asked the staff. Our server pointed me towards the Thai red curry and it was delicious! Spicy, slightly sweet and the perfect balance of flavors. I would never have guess it came from a diner. My friend ordered the mac and cheese which was divine. It was perfectly cheesey (not overwhelming) with salty bread crumbs baked on top. And I loved the presentation with two slices of cheese melted right on top. Delish!

The Cove on Castro
434 Castro St.
San Francisco, CA

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