Caprese Wreath

After creating the strawberry topiary, I got to thinking…what other foods could I create a topiary out of? It hit me: caprese salad! The colors are perfect, it can be served on a stick and it would look great on a wreath! It’s a perfect trifecta. Plus, who doesn’t like caprese salad? It’s a treat for you mouth and your eyes. Check it out:

What You Need:
A large bunch of basil
1  8oz. package of mozzarella pearls
2 pints (2 packages) of grape tomatoes
1 8”x1-3/16” styrofoam wreath
Your favorite vinaigrette

What to Do:
Wash and try the basil and tomatoes.

Use very small pieces of toothpick to line the inside edge and the outside edge of the wreath with basil leaves.

Once you’re finished with that, put one basil leaf, one tomato and one mozzarella pearl onto a toothpick and insert into the top side of the wreath with the basil on the bottom and the mozzarella on the top. Continue this all the way around the wreath, making sure to cover all the white of the Styrofoam. Vloilà! Serve with bowl of your favorite vinaigrette.

About the Author

Currently based out of Boston, Jesal is a blogger, freelance writer, yoga enthusiast and lifelong vegetarian who spent four years eating her way through New York City and various other cities around the globe. After answering hundreds of emails and phone calls answering the question, "Where's a cool place I can take my vegetarian friend out to eat" she started Veggiewala to efficiently share her knowledge of the vegetarian food scene with curious carnivores, flexitarians and other vegetarians.