A Peek at Per Se: Course 9 – Dessert

Menu Description:
“WHITE HIBISCUS.” “Biscuit Cuiller,” Hibiscus Jelly, White Chocolate “Bavarois” and Kendall Farms’ Crème Fraîche Sherbet


“GLACE À LA VANILLE.” Banana Bread and Roasted Banana Jam

Like with the cheese course, the dessert course offers a choice between two options. If you are looking for a traditionally indulgent duo – go for the banana bread with vanilla ice cream. It’s everything an indulgence should be: warm banana bread soaked with cool vanilla ice cream and hot roasted banana jam. A side of banana flavored wafer curls brings some texture and childhood memories to the table.

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If you are looking for a more refreshing and adventurous dessert, go for the “White Hibiscus.” The main affair consists two cakes layered with hibiscus jelly. One is topped with crème fraîche sherbet. A foam of sweet hibiscus adds a bit of pop while minty dollops of crème fraîche dot the plate. A curl of white chocolate with hibiscus provides a dramatic visual.

Next up: Sweet Finish

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